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We Make Sure Our Members Are Well Educated And Equipped

Hey Andfit fam, we moved to New Zealand from Italy in 2014 and loved every day since then. After a few career changes in tourism (Silvia) and engineering (Fabio), Andfit represents our first facility, and we are passionate about offering quality coaching and building a strong community of hard working people.

At Andfit we look at the broad picture of fitness. We aim to increase your capacity in every area of fitness. You will be swinging, squatting, rowing, throwing, pushing and pulling, and you will love it!

We make sure our members are well educated and equipped to get the most out of each workout. Chat with us, meet our coaches and we’ll tell you how we can help you reach your goals!

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Fitness is a key pillar for Longevity and Health

I have passionately followed the CrossFit methodology since 2013, which brought me to attain the Level 2 trainer certificate and to work as fitness coach for many years as well as to collaborate with the media team at CrossFit Regionals and Games.

Working in the media world and my passion for the functional fitness space has culminated with my travel documentary ‘Out of the Box’ about the CrossFit scene throughout Asia.
I believe in fitness as a key pillar for longevity and health and am eager to share my knowledge and experiences with the Andfit family.

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Pair Training and Fun to create a lifelong Love of Health & Fitness

"Bonjour" team! I moved to New Zealand from France in 2001. After working for Lesmills for many years taking group fitness and personal training, I started CrossFit and was love at first sight. I then spent the following years tutoring PT courses, coaching CrossFit to kids and adults and always chasing my wins!

Outside the gym my favourite thing to do is hanging out with my son Noah and our pug Shredder. I’m always keen for outdoor adventures, entering events and travelling.
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BEES (France) Brevet d etat Educateur Sportif
FISAF fitness instructor and Personal trainer (France)
Zuu & Ankorr Certified Trainer
PH360, personalised health trainer


Love Your Body for What is Capable Of

Hi Team! I have been a member at Andfit since 2018 and am so excited to now be coaching as well! I must admit when I first heard about Crossfit I was slightly apprehensive, but I thought I would give it a chanceā€¦and now here we are!

I love that it can be adapted to suit absolutely anyone, every day is different, and even as you become more experienced there are so many skills you can continue to learn and improve on.Previously, I have studied Exercise Science and am a firm believer that exercise is medicine. This has shaped my coaching philosophy of creating a safe and enjoyable environment where people can learn to love what their bodies are capable of and create lifelong healthy habits! I have worked as a personal trainer for the last few years but I can’t wait to see you all in group classes; the Crossfit community is second to none!
Crossfit L1 to come – when the borders open!
Currently studying for a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at AUT
Bachelor of Science majoring in Exercise Science, with postgraduate 1st Class Honours
National Certificate in Fitness L4