Train your Weakness

One of the greatest things about CrossFit or functional training is its ability to expose and force you to work your weaknesses. Here’s why you need it.

How many of us enjoy running? Not many as running is a weakness for lots of people. Sometimes we run because our gym’s programming places it in the workouts. Or we modify the run with another movement or skip it all together. Typically, we use our weaknesses as rest time, when we know it’s harder for us.

We often joke in class at Andfit when members do not show up on running days. However, the athletes who miss these days purposely are the ones who most likely need to work on that skill the most. 


We all have skills we excel at and skills we are not quite as good at. We all know that CrossFit is about being a well-rounded athlete. We strive on constantly varied, functional movements and work on multiple modalities at one time. Whatever that weakness is, CrossFit or functional training will expose it and take people out of their comfort zone. 

It is up to us as athletes to recognize our weakness and to make a conscious effort to take on that challenge and become better. Running is just one example of the many skills some do not like. We show up when there’s running in the workout because we want to be better athletes overall.

Not only does working on these skills make us a better athlete, that specific skill might have cardiovascular benefits, strength benefits, stability benefits, or any number of benefits that might not be achieved if we continually avoid them.


All our coaches will definitely tell you to work on your weaknesses or do things you don’t like doing because they’ll make you better.

“Do front squats because they’ll make your deadlift better.”

“Do hollow rocks because they’ll make your kipping better.”

“Do wall walks because they’ll make your handstand push-ups better”

No one likes working on their weaknesses, so why put yourself through the misery? 

From a physical point of view, muscle imbalances due to a strong focus on only one area of fitness, be it weightlifting or gymnastics or cardio, have been shown to have a positive relationship with injury risk.

When we avoid certain aspects of fitness we become specialized and we do not adapt to anything else that comes at us or have major movement restrictions. CrossFit specializes in not specializing.

There’s also a psychological benefit to pushing that threshold and building capacity in a weakness area, as these skills are going to transfer to everyday life and make you more resilient and ready to changes. 

In addition, studies have shown that working on your weaknesses may also increase your satisfaction in life if you balance it with the right amount of work on your strengths too.

Next time you see that skill you do not like or care for, register for that class first thing. You don’t have to love it, but you have to show up and do the work. 

Embrace it and don’t hesitate to ask your coaches how to adapt the workout so you can work on your weakness to become a better athlete and find more purpose in your workouts.

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