Train smarter, not always harder

Why are you entering the red zone everyday of the week and expecting to feel good? Let’s talk heart training zones and how you can make the most out of it. The red zone is maxing out your effort, reaching the top of your heart

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Develop your skills forever

Remember your first month of CrossFit? You had to learn a million new things. Your brain has now adapted and needs to be continually stimulated in order for you to become a better athlete. Here’s how! During your first month of CrossFit you probably had

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Train by heart rate

Ready to discover the benefits of basing workout intensity on heart rate to meet and exceed your goals? Let’s dive in! Ready to discover the benefits of basing workout intensity on heart rate? We’ll look at what training by heart rate means, why it’s important,

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Train your Weakness

One of the greatest things about CrossFit or functional training is its ability to expose and force you to work your weaknesses. Here’s why you need it. How many of us enjoy running? Not many as running is a weakness for lots of people. Sometimes we

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You are more than your genes

Do our genes really determine how healthy and fit we turn out to be? We are more than our genes and we have an incredible amount of control over our body and mind thanks to the life style and behaviours we’re choosing. It’s called epigenetic.

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Bad and good goals

Let’s start by saying, there are no bad or good goals. However, there are meaningful or non meaningful goals. It all starts with your “why”. When setting goals, one of the most important questions we have to ask ourselves is “why do I want to

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5 tips to improve your wall balls

You either love them or hate them but no one can’t deny how functional wall balls are in getting a total body workout. Here’s 5 tips to improve your wall balls! Recently at Andfit we went through one of the Crossfit staple workouts many athletes

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Don’t skip lunch

Your body is a machine that needs fuel to keep running, and depriving it of that fuel affects everything from your mood to your digestive tract. Here are 3 steps to help you meet the challenge of regular meals. “Don’t skip breakfast – it’s important”.

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Boost your breathing in workouts

Let’s talk about Lungs in CrossFit, weightlifting and functional workouts. How can we as athletes boost our breathing and avoid gasping for air like a fish out of water? Diaphragmatic breathing can be the key! Ever gasped for air as a fish out of water

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Should you retest workouts?

To know if you’re getting better, you must test and retest areas of your fitness. When it comes to the CrossFit Open, athletes especially feel the urge to retest workouts. Should you retest? It’s all about balancing risk versus reward. “I definitely could have done

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